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Pengiiiiiiiiiiinooooo! XD

The Rules:
1) Each person has to share 5 things about themselves. 
2) Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. Not something like "you are tagged if you read this."No tag-backs!!

Five things about me; Erm, I'm not too interesting, so I'll go off of this as a reference…:

1.) I've known about anime and manga for about 4 years? I'm not sure. ^.^;
2.) I'm into quite a few animes, but they're not really recent ones. XD (Sonic X, Hetalia, Digimon, Sgt Frog, Pokemon, Lucky Star, Black Butler, etc) XD
3.) I hate people coming into my house, it makes me feel claustrophobic and sick. But I'll happily talk to people on here!~
4.) I love learning useless facts. 
5.) I'm lazy, but thin (Weiiird!) XD

1. What animes would you recommend to me? 
Hetalia Axis Powers/ Beautiful world, it's cute and funny and you'll cry~<3 Or Sonic X in Japanese, because Sonic is much less of a d!ck.
2. Do you have a Tumblr? Tell me, I'll follow you if you do!
I'm HollyBjeam on Tumblr, I'll follow you back!~<3
3. Do you know the anime Mekaku City Actors? 
^.^;; I've never heard of it, sorry. ^.^;
4. Do you like the Kagerou Project and the songs?
Dunno, but I read it out and it sounds like Kangaroo in Japanese. XD
5. What kind of a person are you? (Describe yourself.)
Oh, me? I'm lazy, antisocial, pale, I don't go outside much, boring, Sonic addicted, my OTPs are Sonic X Sally and Poland X Lithuania~<3 I love talking to people online, though, so please don't mind me~<3
6. What bands do you like?
The Black Eyed Peas, Maroon Five, Vocaloids, Dj Cammy, anything to do with Rave~
7. Are you a Brony? :3
Noope, Pegasister! :iconpartycannonplz:
8. Do you understand Japanese, even if it's to a small degree?
Konichiwa! watashiwa Holly desu? (Hello, I'm Holly? I dunno, it probably means something of a sexy nature XD)
9. Do you want to learn any languages? Name some.
I'd love to learn Polish or French or Japanese. 
10. Would you want mastery of all languages or would you want to understand animals?
Of course, that'd be so lovely! ;3

I'll tag some of my friends~<3
:iconmeadowthepikachu::iconmysterystrawberry::iconsonicsatamx93::icondjcatt::iconzenanamech::iconthespazztasticpony: I'll only tag a few, because I'm scared incase I upset you. ^.^;'

Here's my questions:~
1.) Do you know any of your heritages? (Where are your family from??)
2.) What is your favourite book?
3.) Who's your favourite Sonic character? :iconsonicdanceplz:
4.) What are you like?? 
5.) What is your favourite game?
6.) What's your first name?
7.) What country do you live in?
8.) What was your first pet?
9.) (I'm running out of questions XD) What's your favourite film?
10.) Traditional or Digital drawings? (which do you prefer to do?)
  • Listening to: The TV in my brother's room
  • Reading: The screeeen
  • Watching: Knuckles Plushie...
  • Playing: Erm.
  • Eating: AIR
  • Drinking: WATERRR


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm a softie moron who can't say no to peoples. X3
I hate most people in real life and as ya can see, like drawing!

I love you all, my bestest friends ever (lol, online)

Rules of this page:
Enjoy what you do;
Be a nice person! (saying please and thank you, c'mon! It's basics!!);
Try your best in all your art and stuff you like;
Don't diss the stuff I or anyone else likes, it's just rude! (Especially if it's Espio or Ben.);
Now, have some Reverse La!
Bob Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
My name is doof and youll do what I say, woop woo…
Best friends <3
:icondog-slut: (but she's gone, I freaking miss her <3 she said we could take over the world *sentimental sniff*.)
I have a ton more, but I can't remember <3

Sonic X by SuperheroGeek13

Maybe you can find me on Facebook or Tumblr?…

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